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From the Beginning

Hammers Entertainment first began in the great city of Kansas City, MO. What was just supposed to be a fun idea to do on the side between bars has turned out to be one of the greatest adventures a person could ever ask for. Not only have we seen new places and people but also we have helped put the entertainment power back in the people’s hands that should have it, the players.

Dueling pianos is one of those things that has been around for decades but just seems to keep getting more and more popular. Many people have been hooked to this type of entertainment because it doesn’t just have you set back and watch it lets you be apart of the party. From requesting thousands of different songs, being part of skits, to singing to your favorite songs with your best friends, it has much to offer. Bars for years now have realized that this type of entertainment is here to stay for a very long time.

Hammers is not the first nor will it be even close to the last company that has been formed to perform the act of dueling pianos on the road away from bars. We all know that when it comes to weddings and cooperate events, that we don’t want to have to base them around a bar atmosphere. This is when we started to get the idea to throw our own name in the hat and help make these parties something a little bit more special.

We believed in performing the best show possible no matter what the booking might be. After all, we are known to make the party and keep it going. That is when it was decided that we needed to start doing private parties around the Midwest area, which involved some of the top talent in the nation. A lot of bars and bigger corporations in the industry have done this before but seem to lose their way when it comes to taking care of their talent.

We started booking players from all around the nation to play a few shows for us. As expected the shows turned out to be amazing and have only brought up more business for the company. At this time it all might sound like a regular company just getting started but the big difference with our idea is that the players get what they deserve. We did not start out with shareholders and do not have to pay investors. This allows us to give the money to the talent, which then keeps the show fresh and amazing.

As we continue to grow across the United States we promise you that we will always make sure to give our customers the top of the line show that they deserve. We believe that a company should grow from the inside out and we must take care of our players.

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