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Life on the Road

I have the incredible pleasure of traveling around the country as a regularly employed musician. That can be a tough thing for a lot of musicians to claim. There are so many talented people out there who go unrecognized for their blood, sweat, and tears, and it's a shame. I am one of the lucky few who gets to do this every weekend. We, as dueling piano players, get to experience the highs of a great performance, the close bonds of friendships forged on the road, and the appreciation of a crowd who keeps coming back. Generally speaking, we'll leave home on a Thursday, perform Thursday-Saturday nights, then travel back to our families and friends at home. Pretty much every weekend, I hear a customer say "I wish I could have your sounds like so much fun!" And usually it is.

There are definitely down sides too, as there are in any job or career. It's not fun to be away from my house and my husband every weekend. It's not fun to constantly have to miss big shows or events that people with "normal" jobs only host on weekends. I get no paid vacation, so if I'm not working, I'm not making money. I can't complain too much, though. I'm blessed with steady work (for now), and a host of people I can call my friends all over the country. I'll be writing blog posts that include stories about those friends and our adventures on the road. There have been some crazy ones, and there are sure to be many more, so stay tuned. Before I finish, I also have to give a big shout out to spouses and significant others of traveling duelers. It takes a special kind of partner to put up with us being away so much. So, thank you for your patience and continuing support!

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