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The 3 Big Dueling Piano Bookings

When it comes to booking a dueling piano show, I can usually place the booking in three categories: Charity, Weddings, and Corporate Events. Their are a few more reasons for booking but not like these three. As odd as it might sound, each booking that we get helps us determine the players, stage set-up, and type of show that will be performed. Figuring out these areas helps us make the performance the best it can possibly be. One of the greatest things that I get to do as an entertainment Booker is set up charity events. It is always wonderful seeing how music and stage performance can bring out the best in people, from the whole community coming out to the amazing people that help put it on. I have never had a bad charity booking. These shows are almost always family friendly and everyone really loves to have fun. It also involves the booking of high energy players that can keep a party going for hours to help out a good cause. The wedding side is a very precise and exact type of booking. Most of the time the bride and groom know exactly how they want the wedding to go and have a kind of flow chart for us to follow. When playing these events our players have a list of songs that are usually requested before the party. These can also be events where they keep the show "G" rated for the first couple of hours then they like to amp it up for the adults partying into the late hours of the night. Hammers has many players that love doing weddings just for the time challenges and the fact that they get to dress up real nice. Then I come to the third and possibly the biggest party of them all, the corporate parties. Some see these as the best to play because there really doesn't have to be a set list, and a vast song knowledge is a must. These can turn out to be the biggest parties in town, which is a good thing for the players since they thrive on interaction. What it really comes down to, is that we can help anyone book their perfect event. We are very good at asking the right questions and setting things up to help out with the venue. One of the biggest things that Hammers Entertainment strives for, is being available at all hours for questions. It is my goal to get right back to anyone that gets a hold of us.

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